When, where, how much?

When can I come?
We usually set one week per month when we are available for debriefing. Please check our calendar for the latest availability. Contact Us to confirm availability and register your interest in a particular week. Do contact us if you have a special request. (You probably aren’t the first to ask!)

2022 Update:  We are arranging debriefs again! Please Contact Us to schedule a debrief. 

Where are we?
We are based in Llandudno, North Wales. This is a beautiful part of the country with easy access to lovely beaches, hills and the mountains of Snowdonia. There are good rail connections to Llandudno Junction (LLJ) and Llandudno (LLD) from London, Birmingham and all other parts of the country.

How much does it cost?
You should expect £25 (£35 for couples) per night for accommodation. The accommodation will be in a large guest bedroom with your own bathroom and includes breakfast and an evening meal in a family atmosphere.

Quote 6We ask that you also consider a donation for the debriefing. We suggest £50-70 per day – it’s a donation so more or less according to circumstances. A cancellation fee may apply to late cancellations.

How does it work?
You should plan to stay for 5 days of debriefing. It’s is best to plan to arrive on a Sunday afternoon/evening and to leave the following Friday afternoon or evening. Debriefing sessions are scheduled from Monday through Friday, usually for the whole morning. Normally, you will meet with one or two debriefers and sessions are in English. There will be ample time for further study, personal reflections, prayer, listening to God, walks in the area and along the beach (see www.Llandudno.com) during the other half of the day.

It’s also possible to make arrangements for a three day debrief.  Contact Us to make a request.