What is Debriefing?

Quote 2Debriefing happens when you meet in a private and confidential setting usually to explore a period of time or an event that you wish to discuss. Debriefing can help you find a better understanding of your situation – where you might be better able to extend your choices and/or to make changes in your life. We will listen attentively and seek to clearly understand your thoughts and feelings without being judgmental or offering advice. It is up to you to try to explore your experiences by talking as freely and openly as you are able.

Some people use the debriefing time to work through specific issues or events. Others don’t know what they need, they just know they need something.

Our normal practice is to meet each morning for about 2½ hours leaving participants afternoons and evenings free to rest, walk, study, read, pray, shop, climb a mountain, etc.

There is a difference between debriefing and counselling, however both use similar skills.

Quote 3We offer debriefing from a Biblically based world view by pastoral care workers and counsellors trained in debriefing and counselling skills.

In addition to giving ample time for participants to tell their story, there is usually time each week to discuss issues that arise. For example, stress, losses, work/life balance, personality conflicts, and etc.

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