Refresh International offers debriefing for missionaries, aid workers, people in ministry and other cross-cultural workers.


Debriefing provides a safe place to both share and process what has happened in your life and ministry. It can be a place to prepare spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically for the next step – be that home assignment, relocation or a new phase of work.

Quote 1Personal debriefing is typically useful for people in transition. For example, leaving or returning to your field of service, furlough, home assignment or as a buffer before transitioning into a new ministry. It can be a place to simply stop and evaluate your on-going ministry. Debriefing can also give the space needed to work through a personal crisis or traumatic incident.

We are based in Llandudno in beautiful North Wales. You can see some of the beauty in the images at the top of our pages. Llandudno is easily accessed by road and rail and is close to some of the most beautiful coastal and mountain scenery in the country.

What is Debriefing?